Friends ask me why I follow “only” Yossi on Twitter?! And not other prominent jewish voices?

Well! Let me elaborate on the whole. Twitteratzya that goes on and the way I look at it (I’m writing an article in yiddish about it) and for the purpose of the discussion let me tell you a little bit about Yossi!

I don’t know Yossi in personal life, but I admire the courage and self esteem of a young chasidic professional who takes a stand for what he believes even if its not exactly my opinion.

When reviewing his website and twits I see a self built mechanically structured professional who sees the end upfront!

I see a “gemura kop” with all inherited strengths thereof.

I see a proud jew!

And with the connections that he has he could’ve saved himself lots of trouble if he wouldn’t blatantly speak his mind in any issue of Judaism and therefore he is right when he proclaimed himself as an entity of his own!

Twiting could be a boring supplement to time pushing!!! But when you find someone who doesn’t share if he woke up on the right or left side this morning, he only shares wisdom.

He deserves me as a follower!

Yossi! You are the best!

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